Monday, October 22, 2012

Now available at a 3rd Westchester retailer

Bedford Gourmet is the latest retailer to feature Baron's International Kitchen on its shelves.

Bedford Gourmet is located in Bedford Village, near the town of Bedford, in Westchester, NY. This specialty shop features a wide variety of locally made gourmet products. Here you’ll find an extensive cheese collection, robust Bedford Blend coffee, a hearty muffins and bread selection, tempting cold salads and scrumptious entrees all prepared daily using fresh vegetables and herbs from local gardens and other fine ingredients.

Alex and her team at Bedford Gourmet are ready to meet all your catering needs. Their meticulous attention to detail makes your corporate gala or private gathering at home a stress and hassle free event.

Nothing like getting what you want, where you shop and close to home!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now available in New York City

Great news! My award-winning  gourmet marinades and condiments are now available in New York City.

You can purchase my savory Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinades, tantalizing Portuguese Repolho Relish and delectable Caribbean Hot Sauce at Garden of Eden, located at 14th Street Union Square in Manhattan. Call at 212 255 4200.

Garden of Eden and their Eden Marketplace are full-service, specialty grocers. I can see why they say there’s “A Temptation in Every Aisle”. They have such a huge selection of gourmet yummies, you won't be able to resist taking something home with you...and have you visited their bakery counter lately? Oh my goodness!

I’m working hard to get my marinades and condiments on the shelves of your favorite gourmet retailers so if can’t get my scrumptious gourmet yummies at your favorite retailer, let me know. Ask the store’s grocery manager to feature Baron's International Kitchen on their shelves or drop me a line with the store name and phone number and I'll give them a call.

More new store announcements coming soon so stay tuned.