Monday, December 13, 2010

My gourmet Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinade spotted at a tailgate

I've heard from many of you about the great meals you're cooking with my gourmet products and the special, fun, get-togethers with friends and family around those meals. I am going to start blogging about those experiences and recipes and I encourage you all to share those recipes and experiences as well by posting a comment to any of my blog posts.

Today, I'd like to share a story relayed by Cathy from Highland NY. Cathy and her husband Bob were tailgating with family and friends at the October 17th Giants vs. Lions game at Giant's Stadium. It was chilly but "good weather for tossing the ball around and eating grilled shrimp", Cathy said. They made Caribbean Shrimp Skewers using my gourmet Mild Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinade which "...was delicious! Not so spicy but it had a nice mild flavor." To make the Caribbean Shrimp Skewers, marinate the shrimp in my Mild Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinade for about half hour, skewer then grill. Cooks in just a few minutes.

It's rewarding to know that you're enjoying my gourmet products and that my Caribbean Jerk Sauce was out there tantalizing taste buds and satisfying tummies on that chilly October day. Thanks Cathy and Bob for buying my gourmet products, sharing it with family and friends and especially for letting me know how you're enjoying my gourmet Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinade. I love hearing these stories!

Keep the stories coming!


Sampling event today!

I'll be at Cheese Louise on Rt. 28 today from 4:30 till 6 PM serving free samples of all my gourmet products. I invite you to stop by, pick up a sample and check out all the great offerings at Cheese Louise.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

My gourmet company showcased locally

I've been writing about the importance of local businesses helping local businesses. I'm excited to tell you today about another local business doing their part to promote local businesses.

The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union bank on Rt 9W in Kingston (across from Adam's) showcases one of their business customers every month of the year. The bank provides a free display table and prominent signage announcing that particular business as the member of the month and selected businesses are invited to set up their exhibit display any way they choose with signage and products. This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to introduce their products and services to possible customers for a sustained amount of time.

Here's the really cool part...Baron's International Kitchen was selected as the business member of the month for December! Visit the bank and you'll see my exhibit table. It displays jars of my gourmet products in several of the different available sizes and I've also included a holiday display so you can view different gift options that are available. You'll also find menus and business cards for some of my local partners (businesses where my gourmet products are available for purchase) and I hope you'll check out their offers and catering services and keep them in mind if you're looking to create a holiday party this season that people will still be talking about next year :-) Free samples of my gourmet products are provided on Fridays and Saturdays so do stop by and pick up a sample if you've been curious to try my gourmet products before you buy.

A very big thank you to to the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union for the opportunity to showcase my company and gourmet products and for doing their part to help support our local economy. At the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, you'll find the friendliest people and financial products and services designed to meet personal and business needs. I highly recommend calling on Patrick and his team at the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. You won't be disappointed.

Keep it local!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Find delicious gourmet foods locally!

So, I just have to tell you about a delicious dish that I tried last night at Cheese Louise. Timo was working the kitchen and he prepared a traditional South American dish called Ayote Con Dulce which is slow cooked, sweetened squash in cane sugar and cinnamon. Rick was kind enough to offer me a sample when I stopped in last night to pick up gift certificates for family members and mmmmmm, it was so good!

Growing up in the Caribbean, I became accustomed to cooking with cane sugar but Ayote Con Dulce was different from any baked cinnamon squash dish I've ever had. It had just a hint of the scent of cinnamon and the carmelized cane sugar added not only a nice color but also a sweetened flavor that infused the squash.

I've heard from several of you that though you travel the Rt 28 corridor on a regular basis, you aren't aware of Cheese Louise. Well, you've just got to stop by and check this place out! Cheese Louise is a recently launched culinary gem offering delicious prepared foods, tempting gourmet shelf goods and of course a wide variety of specialty cheeses that are sure to delight every foodie. The hummus is made fresh using only the highest quality ingredients. Be sure to ask for a sample of anything that tempts your taste buds.

Rick and Sam are currently featuring my Mild Caribbean Jerk Sauce marinade and Portuguese Repolho Relish as a special this month so give the Mild Jerk Slow Roasted Beef on Ciabatta roll with Portuguese Relish on the side a try. It's delicious, filling and a refreshing alternative to the ordinary usual lunch options.

Cheese Louise is located at 940 Route 28 next to Bistro to Go. Give a call at 845 853 8207 for directions and hours.

Eat local, buy local this holiday season!