Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Gourmet Products Restocked at Local Stores

Many local stores were out of stock but have purchased more of my gourmet products. This means you can continue to enjoy the convenience of purchasing my gourmet products at your favorite local retailers such as Fleisher's Meats, Emmanuel's Marketplace, The Blue Cashew Kitchen Pharmacy, The Emerson Country Store, Gill's Farm Market and Davenport Farms.

Keep in mind that dinners to go are also available at Davenport Farms- Noel prepares the delicious menu Monday through Friday and meals are ready by 4PM. You've just got to try the Jerk Chicken dinner which is made with the mild variety of my gourmet Caribbean Jerk Sauce Marinade. YUM! I hope you'll patronize Davenport Farms for dinner-to-go next time you need to prepare a wholesome meal but have no time to make it yourself. You won't be disappointed. Tell Noel that Terry sent you.

Would you like your favorite retailer to start carrying my gourmet products? Ask them to contact me so you can conveniently purchase my gourmet products close to home. If you send me a note via the website contact form, I'll be sure to follow-up. Thanks in advance for your support.

Make An Authentic International Meal Tonight!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Production test runs at Nelson Farms Co-Packers

So, I was up in Cazenovia, NY yesterday at Nelson Farms- a co-packing facility where I had production test runs scheduled. It was a very long day. I headed out at 6:30AM and got back at 6 PM and cooked all day.

The day went well, the test runs went fine and there were no problems. I was nervous that Nelson Farms would have difficulty processing my gourmet Caribbean Jerk Sauces (the hot and mild marinades) because of the fresh thyme but they have a machine that can easily process that so hand chopping the thyme which is labor intensive is unnecessary- whew!

The Caribbean Hot Sauce is also straightforward and would not present any production challenges. The Portuguese Repolho Relish may present some challenges but not in terms of processing the ingredients actually. It turns out that cabbage is available pre-processed so that would not need to be hand chopped which would save a lot of time and the rest of the ingredients are pretty straightforward. Nah, it turns out that bottling this gourmet product may be a bit of a challenge because of the shape of the jar. If you're considering bottling a product, it is worth spending some time thinking about the size & shape of the jar. I recommend talking with a co-packer for input before settling on any particular shape or size. This will help eliminate any problem issues in the future.

Amanda, the Production Development Manager's experience really shone through. She made me feel very comfortable and was great about recommending ways to save time on the processing of certain ingredients which made me feel comfortable about Nelson Farms' expertise and knowledge. Now comes the hard part...waiting to receive the cost per jar quote from Sue Evans, the Associate Director at Nelson Farms. I expect to receive that sometime next week then I'll know if I can move on to the next level of growing Baron's International Kitchen or if I'm back to the drawing board.

More to follow...


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting ready for another production test run

Well, I've been out all weekend buying ingredients for my production test run with Nelson Farms in Cazenovia, NY scheduled for Monday the 27th.

Given my previous experience with Farm to Table Co-Packers, it's been hard to get too excited about the prospect of working with the folks at Nelson Farms so I guess I'm guardedly optimistic that Nelson Farms will be able to produce my gourmet products at a price within my budget. We'll soon find out.

More to follow,


Friday, September 24, 2010

Bargains abound at the High Falls Food Co OP

Today I wanted to tell you about some of the bargains to be found at the High Falls Food Co Op located in High Falls, NY. The High Falls Food Co Op features weekly specials on a variety of all natural and environmentally friendly products. Here's a sampling of their specials this week:

  • save $1.20 on organic peanut butter
  • save $1.50 on 7-grain wheat free cereal
  • save $1.29 on Canadian bacon
  • Nasaya Tofu- regularly $3.19 now $2.50
  • Non dairy coco mix reduced $3.99
  • Annie's organic dinners- regularly $2.99 now $2.00
  • 10 lb Bio Kleen laundry powder- regularly $21.09 now $16.52
  • 32 ounce Bio Kleen dishwashing liquid- regularly $6.39 now $4.99

Apologies for any errors I've made in communicating prices. Best to contact the High Falls Food Co Op directly at 845 687 7262 for more details and specifics on these or any of their other featured bargains. Better yet, next time you're in High Falls, NY stop by the High Falls Food Co Op and stock up on selections of all natural products at bargain prices. Specials are advertised weekly and featured products may change from week to week.

I appreciate your patronage of the High Falls Food Co Op- a local business with wonderful people and a valued Baron's International Kitchen partner.

Be healthy!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reflections from the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest

Well, I've had a bit of a hiatus after the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest as my little ones went back to school, my in-laws who have been tremendously supportive by spending lots of time with my little ones so I can pursue my dream of starting and building Baron's International Kitchen were away on vacation and of course, we all got sick. Yeah, we caught the back to school flu bug that's been making the rounds past 2 weeks. One of the valuable aspects of owning your own business is having the flexibility to stop and get off the roller coaster when life needs attending to but it's time to get back to work now and there's a lot in the hopper for the next couple of weeks as I play catchup. There'll be many postings coming out about all that's going on.

First, I wanted to share a bit about my experience at the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest. The event was heavily attended as the organizers did a great job of advertising the event. There was a lot about it on local radio stations and in local print media. At the event I met folks from all over- Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvannia even the UK.

Despite the event name, I found there were mostly wine vendors and very few food vendors. I was a bit disappointed at the relatively low showing on the food vendor side but I did have a fair number of folks come by and sample the products. Several even make purchases. Though my assigned spot was less than ideal (I received relatively low traffic because the booth was in an underused building), I am planning to give it another go next year and I'm optimistic that Baron's International Kitchen will do even better. Below you can view pictures of me at the booth and my hubby Josh making samples.

Thanks to Josh, Joyce and Norman for all the family help. I also want to thank everyone who stopped by, tried my gourmet products and made a purchase. I really appreciate all your support,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Countdown to the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest

Well, it's been really busy getting ready for the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest event happening this weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in historic Rhinebeck, NY. I've been in the cooking at the Reservoir Inn, labeling inventory and running the day to day and it's been just a whirlwind but we're all set to go now.

If you've been considering buying my gourmet products but would like to try before you buy, stop by my booth and try a sample. I'll be indoors- space #113. All my gourmet products will be available for sampling and of course you can purchase what tantalizes your tastebuds.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Fest,